Escalators and travelators

We refurbish, install and service lifts, escalators and travelators across the country. Our highly trained professional engineers work to an extremely high standard and always abide by the latest safety standards. This means our machines are suitable for even the highest footfall public and service areas. As such, we have worked with a range of clients including:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores


It’s important that your lift is the right machine for the job, able to provide a smooth, silent journey and withstand the daily demands of your business. Customer lifts need to be both functional and visually appealing to fit your brand and premises. Aesthetics are usually less important when it comes to staff and goods lifts, which need to be reliable workhorses.

If your current lift is in need of repair or servicing, we can make the necessary adjustments, bringing it back up to the level of performance you require. If a brand new installation is the brief, we can work with you to design a lift that meets your needs in terms of functions and appearance, up to six levels high.

Refurbishment and repairs

We advise a regular servicing plan for your escalators, lifts and travelators to keep them running and looking better for longer.

Regular and planned inspection, servicing, cleaning and maintenance ensures safety and continued high performance.

It can also help prevent potentially costly repairs. Our engineers will carry out an inspection and report any issues with the machinery, motor, gearbox, control panels and wiring. We will work with you to maintain and upgrade to the latest safety standards and advise you of any changes necessary to meet them.

Repairs and servicing work can take place outside of working hours to fit around your busy periods and minimise any inconvenience.

Spare parts

Our spare parts website is invaluable for customers looking for hard-to-find parts for their escalators, lifts and travelators.

We stock a comprehensive array of parts for all types and makes of machines. In keeping with our ‘reuse and recycle’ approach, we harvest anything discarded during a refurbishment job and add it to our catalogue. In fact, we have items that even the manufacturers don’t!

Our expert engineers can also overhaul certain obsolete parts which can be much less costly than finding a replacement.

If you’re looking for a spare part, check the website or give us a call – we may have it but it’s not listed.


Machines that are at the end of their life or are to be replaced can be removed by us from any location. It’s a big job but we’ll utilise our considerable experience to ensure a well-planned schedule of works with minimal disruption.

Working with other contractors, we can arrange the removal, fitting into other work schedules or at the best time to minimise disruption.

New Installations

Whether you need an escalator for a new building or to replace an old one that’s been take out of service, we can work with you to get the project completed. We’ll consult with you at every stage to ensure you get excellent performance, safety and the right look for your premises.

Whether you’d like glass or solid sides, lighting, painted feet or branding, for example, we can create a functional centrepiece for your building.

We can also put up branded hoarding whilst the works are taking place.