With cleaning and distancing at the top of the list for people getting back to work, we have developed two new products to help businesses with their escalators and travelators.

We’ve already fitted them for a number of our City of London clients and will be fitting many more over the next few weeks.

UVC handrail cleaning unit

Our UVC handrail cleaning unit, which we fit into the machine, is hidden from the public but keeps germs at bay.

It uses the same UVC technology that you’ll find in hospitals and laboratories and works by sanitising the handrail as it goes back into the machine, coming out germ-free for the next user.
We’ve developed it using UVC tubes which allow for a much more powerful light to be used versus UVC LED.

We’re able to fit the units in isolation, so that other engineers don’t find them in their way, to any escalator or travellator; old or new, and brand, including those not on a contract with us.

Escalator UVC handrail cleansing unit

Green social distancing steps

Our second product is our green social distancing steps which show people which step to stand on to remain 2m from the person in front. The black feet show where to place their feet and the direction of travel.

We arrive with the steps pre-painted, so that the job can be completed fast on-site and without paint fumes in your building.

These can be fitted to any escalator or travellator.

2m Social Distancing Elevator Steps