Ikea, Tottenham, London

Travelators at Ikea stores are always well-used and the Tottenham one was no different. At 16 years, the machine was towards the end of its life and so we were asked to replace the travelator, taking the existing one out first.

Exchange House

As the sun goes down, the work carried out to the look of the escalators comes into its own at night, when you can see in;  viewers are able to spot the skirting lights, handrail lighting and step lights.

Charing Cross Hospital

Like the building they live in, the escalators at Charing Cross Hospital are old – but with our vast experience of refurbishing, we won the tender for this project. The escalators have a huge footfall, taking staff, visitors and patients to the coffee shops…

The British Library

Libraries have one main rule – to be silent. But that’s fairly tricky when you’re refurbishing four large escalators at The British Library in London. It’s a busy place – with exhibitions, talks, discussions, tours, adult courses, school visits, private room…


Three escalators at Bishopsgate now not only work better but look nicer too. The brief was to upgrade and modernise the escalators and control panels to current standards, but we were also asked to maintain the look of the building…


The build-up of dirt inside escalators can be flammable, posing a potentially serious safety issue. We can provide a full clean-up of steps, balustrades, handrails, internal and external mechanisms, all of which will be completed with a full inspection.

Blue Feet

These are another excellent safety option. Blue feet are particularly useful in premises used by children who can’t resist standing on them – meaning they are safely positioned on the steps and less likely to move around.