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Escalator Handrail Sanitisers and Social Distancing Green Steps

Escalator UVC handrail cleansing unit

UVC handrail cleansing unit
Handrails can be UVC cleaned using a hidden unit on your escalator or travellator, so that when each person places their hand on, it is clean for them to use.

2m Social Distancing Elevator Steps

Green step social distance spacers
Social distancing is hard to do and we need constant reminders, so we have developed green steps to help people to know how far to stand apart on escalators or travelators.

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With over 40 years’ experience of working on projects across the country, we specialise in escalator, lift and travelator refurbishment, installation and servicing across the UK. Our professional team is helpful, highly skilled and will always operate with the greatest consideration for your working environment.

An escalator, lift or travelator is vital for keeping your business on the go. So, the prospect of refurbishment or replacement can be daunting.

At The Escalator Company, we know that any ongoing noise, mess and disruption when carrying out repairs and installations can be a major disturbance to premises, staff and the customer experience. That’s why we’re committed to working with you to deliver an efficient, speedy service to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Working to a schedule that fits around you, our highly trained engineers and trusted contractors will ensure that work meets the highest levels of safety and workmanship and is carried out swiftly with minimal disruption.

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